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 What are my clients saying? 

      Almost 40 years ago I was involved in two rear-end automobile accidents. Discs in my neck were squashed, resulting in harsh pain in my neck - sometimes too severe to move, sometimes hardly noticeable, until I stretched or moved in the wrong way. Before I met Andrew, I had chiropractic treatment, but chiropractic was never long lasting.

       Since statistically back/neck surgery is successful only 50% of the time, it was never an option as far as I was concerned.

       I met Andrew Carey at a close friend's home. I listened to him describe the help he offered to his clients and thought to myself, "yeah right -- it sounds like hooey to me." Several months later, I stretched out to pick something up and pulled my neck out of place. I was in such pain, that after a few days, I called my friend and asked for Andrew's telephone number.

       One of the biggest surprises for me was after my first session with Andrew, I came into the house and my wife exclaimed, "You are standing up straight! I thought you were always going to be walking hunched over." I had not realized that with my pain, I was walking crooked and bent over in order to favor my neck.

       Since that time, with Andrew’s support, I have not had to endure the neck pain which had been a characteristic disability in my life for decades. In the beginning I saw Andrew just once every three weeks. Currently, I schedule sessions once every two weeks. Andrew has helped "teach" my muscles how to avoid the pulling or straining which always aggravated my pain in the past. I feel  younger and happier than I ever did before seeing Andrew. I recommend Andrew's body integration skills to anyone who is "living" with skeletal or muscular pain.


Keith Douglas


       The gifts that Andrew Carey possesses and shares with us in his remarkable treatments bring balance, energy and a centeredness to our physical selves while impacting mind and spirit. With Andrew's healing touch, I have recovered remarkably fast from back and shoulder injuries as well as bi-lateral pneumonia.  With regular visits, I am able to sustain a balanced, physical state allowing me to engage in sports and activities I love.

With gratitude,

Elizabeth Copley


      Andrew is literally a "Life saver".  After my 2nd back surgery I was still in severe pain. I was living with severe scoliosis and not knowing if I would ever be able to work again or even walk when I went to see Andrew for the first time, back in Dec 1998.  

       I had been treated many times by chiropractors for over20 years without any lasting results. I was anxious to see if Andrew could help me.  I felt considerable improvement after the first session and things just continued improving with each visit.  I have to admit the sessions were sometimes painful, but the outcome was so remarkable, I actually looked forward to it! 

       I went through the 10 initial Structural Integration sessions and continued to see him weekly for quite some time.  Eventually I was able to reduce my visits to twice a month. Over the course of 5 years, he managed to help me to get rid of my heel lift and special shoes.  I was able to work, go dancing, participate in sports and brisk walk again.  

       After 10 years, I still get treatments once a month which always rid my body of the stress and strain of everyday living.  Now, at 58 years of age, he continues to keep my body in balance and feeling good.  I am currently working 3 different jobs, which I never imagined I’d be able to do.  Andrew has improved the quality of my life 100% over the past 10 years.  He is the best investment I have ever made. I sincerely thank him for all he has done and continues to do for me.  

Diane Loftus


      For more than 10 years Andrew Carey has helped me enjoy good health and an active lifestyle. I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Andrew has used a variety of therapy techniques to help me face this challenge and accomplish activities as diverse as driving over a hundred miles a day to and from work while training as a runner. His Holistic approach to health has helped me focus my own thinking to a mindset where only the sky is the limit in realizing goals of both a physical and mental nature. 

       Andrew constantly seeks ways to upgrade his considerable professional skill in helping others and his ability to do so is matched by his strong ethical values and commitment to service. I unequivocally recommend Andrew to anyone who feels they could profit from his extraordinary healing touch.

Ronald Rutledge 


      Several years ago I went to Andrew for help with back pain that had made it difficult for me to take long walks and left me in pain most of the time. I had previously been to Orthopedic Surgeons, had spinal cortisone shots, received physical therapy, went to a Chiropractor and none this relieved the pain.

      Andrew performed ten sessions of Structural Integration. By the sixth session I experienced substantial relief. Andrew has continued to see me for maintenance for the last several years and my back pain is gone.

      I'm now able to take long walks and play golf without pain. Andrew has changed my life substantially for the better.

Sid Rosenberg

     I would like to take this opportunity to offer my loving gratitude and deep appreciation to all of my clients. It is my hope you all realize I remain aware of all the great gifts which are given back to me by all those to whom it is my honor and privilege to serve. You honor me with your trust and your presence. Thank you all.



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