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My Expertise

     I trained  diligently with a man considered by many to be a true master of Structural Integration Therapy, James Nelson LMT. His twenty-plus years of experience with Soma gave me access to a great reservoir of knowledge. During my extensive training with James, his willingness to teach me, by allowing me to do structural sessions on him and giving me immediate feedback on my techniques enabled me to fine tune and greatly enhance  my skills as a structural integration practitioner. James's incisive feedback enabled me to make monumental leaps forward in the power and effectiveness of my work. I continue as always to grow and bring new knowledge and insight into my work. I'm now in my fifteenth year, with a professional practice that continues to grow and reward my life in so many amazing ways.

 The 10 Session Protocol


       The first 3 sessions are designed to affect your physical body and are quite powerful on their own. These 3 session release the physical body from its holding patterns and if a client is only in town for a short time I feel they are valuable in and of themselves. I always ask anyone starting the 4th session to be fully committed to the rest of the sessions.

     For me, sessions 4-7 all deal with a clients emotional well being. Session 4 opens the emotional door and once open, sessions 5, 6 & 7 are used to move you through those emotions and to reestablish emotional balance. When these sessions are finished, emotional holding patterns, which are often established in childhood, are broken and clients often have a new found sense of freedom from their past. Clients often mention feeling lighter and less burdened after experiencing structural integration.   

    Sessions 8-10 bring a clients physical & emotional beings back into alignment with each other, allowing for a more aware or awakened being to be born through the process.  The 10 sessions have a way of instilling a greater sense of overall awareness and wholeness in a being. Clients often feel more grounded to the earth while feeling more spiritually connected to their own sense of god or the divine.

 Over View of Sessions 


The Physical Body


1. Freeing the ribcage to increase ease and depth of breath.

2. Grounding the legs to create greater stability and support.

3. Lengthening the sides along the rib cage, creating more space between pelvis & ribs


The Emotional Body

4. Freeing the pelvis.  Core work

5. Front of body from feet to neck

6. Back of body from neck to feet

7. Freeing the head and neck improving alignment with torso


 Greater sense of Wholeness

8. Lower body moving into upper body

9. Upper body moving into lower body including arms and hands

10. Final integration addressing overall body stability & fluidity of movement


   Sessions beyond this point are determined by an individuals own personal needs. The Ten sessions are an outline, some clients may need several extra sessions in order to accomplish their goals. After the Structural Integration sessions are complete continued Structural Body Balancing sessions are often necessary to lend support to the structural changes which occurred. I also highly recommend Structural Body Balancing as an extremely beneficial form of preventative maintenance. Regular Structural Body Balancing sessions create a healthier terrain for our bodies, minds, and spirits to grow in. Structural Body Balancing is a perfect addition to anyones holistic healthcare regime. 


      All Structural Bodywork sessions are powerful tools for creating change and improvement in all aspects of your life.  Clients benefit from continued support through body balancing techniques. Structural body balancing sessions are an excellent holistic means of counter balancing life's diverse challenges. We are all unique, as are our personal goals,  which is why the length of time between structural body balancing sessions varies from client to client. Eventually all my clients find their own rhythm and schedule their Structural Body Balancing appointments appropriately to meet their own unique individual needs. The key here is prevention. Regular body balancing sessions pay  great dividends. Dividends seen in a clients over all health and well being.


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