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  • Structural Integrations Origins

          The system of Structural Integration Therapy was developed by Ida Rolf, Ph.D., 55 years ago. Dr. Rolf developed Structural Integration Therapy while studying Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and Yoga techniques and founded the Rolf Institute, in 1971. Her principles of fascial release were incorporated into a system which later became known as Rolfing. Dr. Rolf mentored Bill Williams, Ph.D., and together they worked in developing a ten session bodywork protocol in the 1970's. Dr. Williams' background in psychology gave him insight into the integration which could occur with the meeting of body, mind, and spirit and motivated him to move beyond their work in physiology. With Dr. Rolf's blessing, he left the Institute and together with Ellen Gregory-Williams, Ph.D., developed Soma as a distinct form of Structural Integration Therapy. Soma Neuromuscular Integration as a modality was born in 1977 with it's own ten session bodywork protocol.


    What Brought Me to this Work?

        My healing work as a massage therapist emphasizes structural integration therapy because of the profound effect it had on my own life. Structural Integration is a systematic release of the fascial planes of the entire body. Years ago I worked as a maintenance machinist and was involved in a serious industrial accident. My injuries included chronic cervical strain, fracture of a cervical vertebra, stretch injury to the ulnar and median nerves of my right arm, and myofascial pain syndrome. In attempting to perform the heavy physical work required of my job, I became increasingly dependent on pain pills and muscle relaxers. Nevertheless, I lost my job because of my injuries. I pursued other jobs but because of excruciating pain was unable to work. I had little choice but to apply for benefits from the Social Security Administration and was determined by that agency to be totally disabled.


    At this point I felt a call to pursue a career in massage therapy. Even though I had no idea how I could physically perform such therapy, I invested all the savings I had to enroll in the Coastal School of Massage. A co-owner of the school at the time was Tim Reep and I began receiving massage therapy from him while learning to be a therapist myself. It was not until I completed the 750 hour curriculum that I was introduced through Tim to an individual who was to play an important role in my life path, James Nelson. James was a Soma Practitioner specializing in Structural Integration Therapy. The purpose of Soma is to integrate body, mind, and spirit. James was one of the first graduates of the nationally recognized Soma Institute and had already practiced over 20 years. He began treating me using the ten session protocol in Structural Integration Therapy. After completing these ten sessions I felt less pain and was more fluid and whole. My improvements seemed miraculous!


    Having experienced such dramatic change, I asked James to train me so I might help others using the same techniques that helped me. I apprenticed with James for over two years and was then awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in the ten session protocol of Structural Integration Therapy. I am now blessed to begin my twelfth year in private practice. I am also blessed to be one of the approximately two percent of Social Security Disability recipients who are able to return to work and not require further benefits. During my practice I strive to stay attuned to the Soma relationship of body, mind, and spirit and feel honored to use the healing traditions taught to me by James.

    Andrew P. Carey L.M.T.

    Graduate of

    Coastal School of Massage 

    with High Honors

    Apprenticed  with Soma Practitioner,  James Nelson L.M.T.

    Awarded Certificate 


    Outstanding Achievement

     in the field of

    Structural Integration Therapy

    A. A. Degree

    Monroe Community College

    With Honors

    A.O.S. degree

    Alfred State College

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