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      I have dedicated much of my life to helping others find and maintain balance so they can live full, active and vibrant lives. I use my intuitive nature to help guide my clients along their own unique path. I'm cognizant of my inner balance, and use this awareness to help others find theirs. Physical, emotional and spiritual elements are all part of our dynamic balance; an imbalance in one creates an imbalance in the other two. I look at a clients body and see what is out of balance in their physical structure, never losing track of its connection to their emotional and spiritual well being. I then use a wide range of physical and energetic techniques to correct these structural imbalances. My goal is always to reestablish structural balance and integrity.

  What makes Structural Integration so powerful?

     Fascia is the interconnected web of fibrous tissue that envelops, separates, or binds together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body. This makes it possible for a skilled structural bodyworker to work on one part of the body and produce a corresponding effect on another part. The practitioner slowly works to break up unhealthy fascial patterns and free the body from it's chronic restrictions. By using body movements during treatment, a re-education of the mind/body connection occurs. Proprioception is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. Proprioception is greatly enhanced as a client moves through the ten session protocol of Structural Integration Therapy. A protocol in which the intertwining fascial grids of the body are slowly released and re-educated. Clients often experience this as a greater sense of freedom and describe a more youthful sense of ease their bodies.  Each session of the protocol effects a very specific segment of the body. By allowing a week between sessions, the body has an opportunity to adjust to the changes made and integrate them into the whole. Through this well designed approach the client achieves a higher level of mobility as well as an improvement in structural integrity and stability.

What are Some Benefits Derived From Structural Integration Therapy?

     Structural Integration Therapy  realigns all major body segments into a more efficient and cohesive configuration. This results in a more fluid ability to perform motion. After completing the ten session protocol clients report feeling a greater sense of well being in their bodies and in their lives. Some of the many benefits received through Structural Integration sessions include all of the following:

 1) Postural improvements

 2) Reduced stress on joints

 3) Increases in energy and mobility

 4) Release of chronic pain patterns

 5) Greater ability to deal with stress and tension in daily life

 6) Increased overall sense of awareness, feeling and becoming more present

 7) Enhanced athletic performance, increased agility and flexibility

 8) Freedom from adhesions often associated with scar tissue and trauma

 9) Physiological,  psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth potential 

10) Wholeness

     Using my 15 years of experience and gained expertise in structural integration therapy I believe I can help anyone willing to commit to the integration process to reach a higher level of ability in their chosen career or profession. As you move through these sessions your overall sense of body awareness and spiritual presence will grow. You're body will have the potential to accelerate faster, while it moves more fluidly, gracefully and operates more efficiently. Clients often experience marked increases in flexibility while gaining confidence, agility and stamina.


Holistic Healthcare and Body Balancing

     Holistic health care is often defined as developing and maintaining a sound body,  mind, and spirit. If this is one of your personal goals then structural body balancing might be just what you're looking for. These sessions are a great way to maintain a balanced body, a relaxed mind and a deep connection to your spirit. Regular body balancing sessions work as an extremely beneficial form of preventive maintenance. Body balancing sessions will help to ensure all your desired goals are accomplished with much greater ease.  Structural Integration and Structural Body Balancing make perfect addition to anyone's holistic health care regimen. Please feel free to call me with any questions. Consultations are always free of charge. 


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